15. Saving the Ocean Fish: Growing Fish Meat in a Lab, Lucy Lee, UFV

Nov 5, 2019, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Global fish stocks have been depleted to the point that nearly 90% of wild fish stocks have been decimated. Human interference, either through climate change, pollution or overfishing, has endangered most of the large fish stocks causing the collapse of many fisheries. At the current consumption rates, it is expected that wild seafood will be gone by 2048, ie in less than 30 years. Aquaculture is unsustainable as it relies on fish feed to feed the cultured fish. Enter fish cell culture: the ability to grow fish cells indefinitely including muscle cells, fat cells and connective tissue cells under stringently clean lab conditions. No antibiotics, no contaminants, no genetic modification, no killing of animals. Just coaxing abundant adult stem cells from fish to grow in the lab and differentiate into the meat constituents of fish fillets. This is not science fiction, it is reality and lab grown fish meat could be in the market within 10 years or less.

Speaker: Lucy Lee, UFV