Abbotsford Learning Plus Society

Frequently Asked Questions


What do we do?

We design and offer classes, programs, and workshops on a host of subjects, reflecting the interests of the Abbotsford community as a whole, and seniors and retirees in particular. You can drop in to any and all of our classes, which means no preregistration required!


80131235194932florist1.jpgAll classes take place during daylight hours. Most classes are one-day programs held from 10:00 am until noon.


All our classes, unless otherwise stated, are held at:


2499 McMillan Rd (corner of Old Yale)

*a few classes may be held at other locations, as stated in our brochure*

Do you have to be a member?

Of course not. For most classes, all you have to do is show up. But there are definite advantages in becoming a Learning Plus member:

Do you have to be a senior? 

Not at all! Because our programs run during the day, most attendees are, in fact, seniors. But we welcome people of all ages -- including students, who occasionally visit us when there's a topic of particular interest.

What does it cost?

Just $5.00 per class, plus a $2.00 Abbotsford Recreation Centre city facility drop-in fee.  

Our best deal?  If you become a Learning Plus member for $10 per year, you have the option of buying the $50.00 semester pass which covers a full semester of sessions. Instead of the $2 ARC drop in fee, you can purchase a $25.00 annual ARC Senior Activity Centre membership which gives you access to our programs as well as badminton, pickleball, billiards, cribbage, bridge, senior track time, art classes, Knitwits & Happy Gang.  

What if I have an idea for a class?

Great! Send it to: